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Crowd Support is a place for you to come and post letters on subjects that you feel strongly about. It’s where you can gain public support for your causes. Write an open letter and post it here. will work a little social media magic and get your letters the attention that they deserve.

Do you feel wronged? Right that wrong – write your letter, address it to whom you are directing the letter in the title, and will do the rest.

A Letter to The Prime Minister About Open Letters …

Just an example there..


Do you have a hero? Is he doing an almighty “good” for others? Write to him – tell him how much he is appreciated. Post it here.

Is she a wonderful nurse who goes out of her way to get people better? Does she know that you treasure her? Write an open letter to her. Post it here.

Did he save your life in Syria?

Is she always there when you need her?

Does your child’s teacher go above and beyond? Does he or she live and breathe just to teach your son or daughter? Don’t worry, you’ll know the difference.

You know what to do.

You don’t?

Write open letters to these beautiful people and tell them how much they are valued. Allow others to read your letters, comment and like on Facebook. Let’s tweet these letters and get these lovely people the recognition they deserve.